Waentei-kikko -- Japanese haute cuisine and Tsugaru-shamisen (and other forms of traditional Japanese music) at Asakusa, Tokyo.

En : form a human bond ~ relating to our guests on a one-to-one basis.

We seek to facilitate the deepening and widening of our guests’ friendships.

We were recently honored to host a group of visitors from England. In the course of conversation we learned that one of the visitors was celebrating his birthday. Our musical performer accompanied a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you” on the Tsugaru Shamisen. We also sang “Sakura” and “Sumidagawa” (familiar Japanese tunes) together. A good time was had by all.

We are happiest when we are able to tie together the three “EN” for your enjoyment.

Come to Waentei-Kikko when:

  • When you want to share a good time with old and new friends.
  • When you want to entertain important clients. We can customize the experience to meet your needs.
  • When you want to hold a celebration. Conveniently near to Sensoji temple—drop in after celebrating Shichigosan, Hatsumode, or other important rites of passage. You can ride a rickshaw to Waentei-Kikko from Kaminarimon.
  • When you want to hold recital for students of traditional Japanese music. We will make all the necessary arrangements.